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Software Developer

Development in well known develop languages like Java and Android, C# and Windows Phone, PHP, JavaScript and many more. And ready to learn more..


Computer assembly

Well experienced building computers, repairing and configuration. Education, work- and private experience. Ready to stand by to advice and assist.

Platform experience

Wide experience with Windows ( up to 10 ), OS X 10.x, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu & CentOS), Android, Windows phone and iOS.

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About Me

My name is Rick Richter. A student Applied 'Computer' Science at the Rotterdam University. I'm currently living in the Netherlands, South-Holland. I always strive to learn new things.

Obviously, I do like "red panda's" and my favorite color is "green" on the darken side of the spectrum.

Why the interest in programming and computers?
Ever since I started disassembling many kinds of devices at a young age I'm fascinated by electronic devices. I've played around with many mini-developer boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi (1B & 2B) and many more. So I decided to follow an education about "hard- and software management" at the community college. And so on, I continued my love story and I'm currently studying at the "Rotterdam University (HRO) "

If you would like to know more about me or my career, feel free to check out my "LinkedIn" or "GitHub" profile!

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Some items I've worked on;

Particles Jsclose

Particles Jsclose

A school project I have worked on during the lessons of 'Fablab - Making'.

Thanks to a few 'Open Data Labs' spread around the world ( In my case, Rotterdam ), I was able to use a 3D printer, a Laser cutter and many more without the need of buying them.

Read my full story at Instructables.com

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Always and easy access to all your passwords. This application gives you the opportunity to view and manage your passwords with one single password and generate passwords with the build in password generator.

* All passwords and data are encrypted and stored locally, no external servers or storage is used. This application is fully functional in offline state.

- Manage passwords, with an easy and clean user interface.
- Generate passwords, random passwords between 8 and 32 characters.
- Change theme color, personalize your application.



Simple Raspberry Pi info script - Written in PHP.

Monitor your Raspberry Pi via any browser.


- Any version of a Raspberry Pi
- Windows IoT or a Linux Distribution ( Tested on Ubuntu/Debian )
- Apache, Nginx or simular.
- PHP > 5.6.x. ( not tested on 7.x.x )


Rift Shard statusclose

Always up-to-date with the server status of the RIFT game. This application gives you the opportunity to view the server status of the NA(North American) and EU(European) servers.



Full website. Design, front- and backend development.
-Simplistic design.


Mini Mayhemclose

Mini Mayhem is an online competitive multiplayer game where players are tasked to run through a series of connecting halls and chambers trying to escape certain death. Players can earn points by completing the given objectives in each chamber, while trying to prevent the other players from doing the same by using the tools at their disposal.

This game is made by 'Gaming bucket' for the minor Game Design & Development at Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Role: Artist



Project is marked as private (msg:2014)


Bounce the balls off the fist to survive! Land it in the bucket to win!

This game is made by team Red Panda for the minor Game Design & Development at Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Role: Artist, developer, designer


Vacancy Crawlerclose

School project to gather vacancy data which could be combined and/or compared to 'resume' data through a matching-system.


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  • Hogeschool Rotterdam / University Rotterdam - Bachelor

    Informatica / Informatics - 'Applied Computer Science'
    2012 - x

    Minor - 'Game Design & Development'

    Propedeuse / Foundation course
    Informatica / Informatics - 'Applied Computer Science'

  • Albeda College - MBO 4

    Applicatie beheer / Application Management
    2010 - 2012

    3rd place (Dutch pre-round selection) Microsoft ImagineCup

  • Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam - MBO 3

    Media Beheer ICT / Media Management IT
    2007 - 2009

  • ROC Mondriaan - MBO 3/4

    System Administrator
    2006 - 2007

  • Esloo college / Montaigne lyceum

    Techniek / Technics
    2001 - 2006



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